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“He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” – Confucius

We, as human beings, have been having several abilities like curiosity, the need for exploitation, and the essential knowledge to collectively develop our learning culture with all kinds of strangers. These areas have helped us to achieve and create unprecedented phenomenons mainly in a good way. I firmly believe that the world we live in right now presents us with unheard-of opportunities and ways to learn and develop our environments for more suitable for every individual. But, unfortunately, we don't like changes, and because of that, our schools have been staying on the ropes while the world is changing dramatically.

My name is Anton Telih, and I want to welcome you to the insightful journey while exploring and shifting the pedagogical view of learning and teaching.

Before we move on, I would like to bring up two aspects to remember:

First, it's not about you and me; it's always about us and the well-being of the pupils and students.

Second, together, we can build more sustainable and fruitful environments for future generations.

We learn in dynamic social content, so I would like to encourage you to be active and not afraid to comment and share your valuable opinions. So just contact me, and let's have a deeper conversation.

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual. So I have been training and broadening my understanding of different operations in the fields of education to economics, focusing on the essential part of every concept: human behavior, leadership, and learning. Like innovative Finnish thinker and creator of the book "Future School Timetable." stated that every qualification should have best before the day. So I have been updating my knowledge and skills every year by attending different pieces of training and courses because of my passion for learning.

Simon Sinek brought up his The Golden Circle - theory, where he challenges us to go deeper into our thoughts and seek the inner WHY. Why are we doing what we are doing? My internal "WHY" is to expand the boundaries of understanding learning processes while creating environments where students understand their uniqueness and develop their originality. Additionally, inspired by creating a new myth of the purpose of education by the trio of exceptional Finnish educators and education developers: Marika Toivola, Pekka Peura, and Markus Humaloja and their book "Flipped Learning in Finland". We can do it only together!

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